Acquiesce — to consent or comply passively or without protest.

Adumbrate — 1. to give a sketchy outline of

Agrestic — 1. rural; rustic. 2. unpolished; awkward.

Habilable - capable of being clothed

Haematogenesis - production of blood

Hamiform - shaped like a hook

Hapax - word which occurs only once

Hauteur - haughtiness; arrogance

more words!!

boyg - a problem difficult to get to grips with

oecist - founder of a colony

ozostomia - bad breath

freaking fantastic feelings

lionhearted - this should be self explaining..

omnipotent - an awesome word for allmighty

vegete - vigorous

empathetic - feeling with someone

leonvier - feeling floaty

yeasty - full of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial


bombilate           To loudly hum or buzz continuously

defenestrate             To throw out of a window

nelipot                        Someone who walks without shoes

petrichor                   The smell of rain on dry ground

pyknic                        Short and fat

witzelsucht               A feeble attempt at humour

vesthibitionism      The flirtatious display of undergarments by a woman



hauntingly hot habits

lithophilous: living among stones

gynotikolobomassophile: one who nibbles on women’s earlobes

sarcophilous: fond of flesh

philopornist: lover of prostitute

turophile: cheese love

arctophily: study of teddy bear

xenophilia: love of foreigner

timbrophily: love or fondness for stamps; stamp-collecting

sciophilous: thriving in or loving shady conditions

apodysophilia: feverish desire to undress

clinophilia: passion for beds

incredibly inappropriate insults

rectalgia: pain in the butt

example:..dude, you give me rectalgia!

psilosophy: hallow philosophy; limited knowledge

example:..your psilosophy can’t even compete with my pincky!

iconolagny: sexual stimulation from pictures or statues

example:..your iconolagny of spongebob is just wrong.

phytolith: fossilized plant are so smart, a phytolith wins in chess against you.

belonephilia: sexual obsession with sharp objects

example:..”he/she”: can you pass me the knife?.”you”: why do you have belonephilia, or what?

nonsensical nouns

hallux: big toe

affabulation: moral of a fable

pabouchea: slipper

pannikin: small metal cup

yowie: a little ewe